Pool Front End Properties: Voice

Use the Voice tab to specify the location profile and QoS settings that the Front End Servers in this pool will use for Enterprise Voice. Also use this tab to specify personal identification number (PIN) and security settings for Office Communicator Phone Edition devices.

Location Profile

Specify the location profile to be used by Front End Servers in this pool.

Select the default location profile for this pool

To specify the default location profile to be used, click a location profile in the drop-down list box.


To view the normalization rules used by a location profile, click a profile in the drop-down list box, and then click View.

Enforce phone lock

To lock Communicator Phone Edition devices that are configured to use this pool, select this check box.

Minimum PIN length

To specify the minimum valid PIN length for a PIN created by a user to unlock a Communicator Phone Edition device, type a number from 4 to 15. The default minimum PIN length is 6 characters.

Minimum timeout (minutes)

To specify the minimum length of time in minutes before Communicator Phone Edition devices automatically lock, type a number from 0 to 60. The default timeout period is 10 minutes.

Advanced options

To view or configure advanced voice options for this pool, click Configure.

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The location profile defines the default set of normalization rules that are applied to phone numbers dialed by users in this pool. Normalized phone numbers are used to perform “reverse number lookup,” which is the process of finding a recipient’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) from their phone number. If this lookup fails, a call is routed according to routing rules configured at the global level for the forest.

The location profile you select as the default should include all phone numbers to which calls can be routed for this pool. The list contains all location profiles defined for your organization. To define a location profile, use the Location Profile tab of Voice Properties for the forest node.

Communicator Phone Edition devices can be locked for security purposes. If you choose to enforce the phone lock, it is enforced only in the pool for which it is configured.

You can configure advanced options to specify quality of service and SIP security settings for the pool's Enterprise Voice support.

For details, see the Operations section of the Office Communications Server Technical Library.

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