Present a document online using the Office Presentation Service

You can deliver a document from Word using the Office Presentation Service, a free, public service that allows others to follow along in their web browser. No setup is required. Use your free Microsoft account to get started.

  1. In Word, open the document you want to share.

  2. Click File > Share > Present Online.

  3. Under Present Online, choose Office Presentation Service.
    Present Online using Microsoft Lync

  4. If you want attendees to be able to download a copy of the document, click the box next to Enable remote viewers to download the document.

  5. Click the Present Online button.

  6. To send your meeting invitation to attendees, choose one of the following:

    • Copy Link – and paste it somewhere others can access it

      • Send in Email

    • Send in IM – available if you have an IM application installed

  7. When you’re ready to present your document, click Start Presentation.

  8. To end your online presentation, click the Present Online tab, and choose End Online Presentation.

  9. To confirm that you want to end the presentation, click End Online Presentation.

More information about starting or joining an online meeting:

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