Ratings help you make informed decisions about the content you consume and provide credibility by showcasing what others feel about learning content and helps you compare available choices.

Ratings also provide a great way to give feedback to peers based on your experience of the course.

Try It!

  1. Ratings are shown on the Learning Card on the Viva Learning home page and in search results.  Image showing ratings in the learning card on Viva Learning

  2. Ratings are also found on the details page of the learning content.

    Note: If there are no ratings, you will not see ratings appear on the learning card or in the search results

Rate learning content

  1. Submit your rating on the learning content details page.

  2. Select Rate It. A pop-up window will appear where you can give the desired rating screenshot of option to rate content

  3. See your rating and change the rating by navigating to the Rate It option. 

  4. Clear your rating by selecting the clear option.  screenshot of "Clear" option to clear content ratings

  5. Change the rating by clicking on the desired new rating.

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