Review Hacking STEM project resources

Review Hacking STEM project resources

Review project resources

All the resources needed to build the project, connect the microcontroller, and visualize the data are provided on each lesson's webpage. These resources are written by teachers, for teachers. We encourage educators to download and use all resources, though we understand that not all lesson plans can fit every unique classroom scenario. For this reason, we've broken up project resources into separate files for easy downloading and sharing. 

Get the Materials

Instructions (PDF) 

We provide a step-by-step guide for building analog and digital scientific instruments. The instructions include photographs, diagrams, templates, and a list of tools and materials you’ll need. 

OneNote notebook: Contains lessons, materials, and activities to support teaching the unit. Mapped to the NGSS and ISTE standards. 

Materials list 

This list is a hyperlinked spreadsheet that connects directly to online resources for purchasing project materials. 

Customized Excel workbook 

Our Excel workbooks visualize data streamed from the microcontroller using engaging charts and graphs. Each project has its own unique Excel workbook. 

Code for the project (.ino file) 

This is the microcontroller code that enables student-built devices to stream live data through Project Córdoba into a customized Excel workbook. 

Project Córdoba 

Project Córdoba is an Excel add-in that enables Excel to receive serial data from your microcontroller in real- time. For Project Córdoba to work, you must have a PC running Windows 10 and Excel 2016 (desktop version). 

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