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Use calendar search to find events and meetings in your Outlook calendar. Search will look for words in the subject, location, message body, attachments, organizer, and attendees of you events.

Search your calendar

  1. Select the Calendar icon  Calendar icon .

  2. In the Search box, type the keywords you want to search. This can include 

    • The search result shows the list with your search keywords highlighted in yellow. 

    • At first, Outlook limits the search results to 30 items. If you have more than 30, scroll-down to the bottom of the list and select More to see more results.

    • Double-click an item to open it.

  3. A Search tab appears so you can refine the search by Organizer, Subject, and Has Attachments.

    • You can also find your Recent Searches in the ribbon. 

    • Need more options? Select the filter icon  Filter icon for Outlook Mac. for more ways to define a search. 

  4. Select the X in the Search box to close search and return to the previous view.

To narrow your search, type more keywords in the search box, or try one of these options:

Use quotation marks for phrases

  1. In the Search box, type two or more search keywords in quotation marks (for example, “team review”).

    The search results will only include items that have team review as a phrase, and exclude items that only contain team or review.

Use AND, OR or NOT

  1. In the Search box, include AND, OR, or NOT between the keywords.

    • AND – searches for items with both keywords.

    • OR - searches for items with either keyword.

    • NOT - searches for items that have the first keyword, but not the second keyword.

Note: AND, OR, and NOT must be in caps. Do not include quotation marks.

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