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Back up your calendar

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You can remove a calendar from Outlook, but before you do, make a backup copy of the schedule to keep for the future reference.

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Calendar basics

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After the tour, we can remove the calendar from Outlook, so we have more room for other things.

But before we do, let’s make a backup copy of the schedule to keep for the future reference.

Select the calendar, click FILE, Open & Export, and Import/Export.

Click Export to a file and Next.

Click Outlook Data File(.pst) and Next.

Make sure the calendar is selected and click Next.

Then, Browse for a location to save the file, type a name for it, and click OK.

Then, click Finish.

Type and verify a password, if you want to restrict the access to the calendar. We’ll just leave this blank and click OK.

Now with the calendar backed up, we can right-click the calendar in the folder list, click Delete Calendar, and click Yes to send it to the Deleted Items folder.

If you have second thoughts, you can retrieve the calendar before you empty your deleted items.

Click the ...(ellipsis) in the navigation bar, and Folders.

Locate the calendar under Deleted Items and Move Calendar back to your active calendar.

We won’t do that though, but sometime in the future we may want to open up the calendar we backed up.

To do that, click FILE, Open & Export, and Import/Export.

This time, click Import from another program or file, and Next.

Click Outlook Data File(.pst), and Next.

Browse to the .pst file and select and Open it. Click Next.

Open the data file, and click the calendar.

We’ll import the calendar into the same location we exported it from, and click Finish.

Then, go to Calendar and open it.

So now, you have an expanded awareness of what the Outlook calendar is capable of.

Next, try creating your own new calendar and experiment with the tools.

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