Using Styles in Word

Different Styles and Themes

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The DESIGN tab allows you change the format of you entire document, even make it look like a legal document. Themes give you lots of great looks.

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If I want to change the overall look, (I don’t like blue, I don’t like this stuff) I can do that easily.

I am going to go up to the DESIGN part of the tab now, and you can see that all these things pop up in the ribbon that are called Style Sets.

And this gives me different looks and I just mouse over here and I can see different looks on the screen.

Here is one that gives a numbering system.

So if you have a legal document, or a long document, you can do this whole numbering system.

You know, 1.1, 2.1, things like that. That does it automatically for you.

So that’s kind of nice.

And then there are some more informal styles here.

And again, notice 'The Sun' is not changed.

The Sun has not changed these different looks because I didn’t format that yet as a heading.

I just did that old formatting.

That’s why that’s not changing like the other headings are.

So, let me click this one and, again, you can augment this to your heart’s content.

There are color changes (Colors).

You want a different color set here.

You want to do something a little more purplish.

Let’s turn in the report with that color. You can change all of that there.

There are also different ways to change with Themes.

Themes are even bigger than Style Sets.

You think about them as PowerPoint, but you can use them here in Word.

And I can just mouse over and I get a whole different font set. Look at this one here.

This one’s called Main Event, really dark and foreboding. That’s a little hard to read.

I am going to pick this one here, and I’ll change. And then each of those style sets change within the theme.

So, lots of different ways to format, but everything changes together, instead of me going through and fiddling with each heading.

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