Rehearse timings for a slide show

Edit slide timings

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If you have recorded slide timings and find that there are a couple of timings you want to tweak, you don’t need to re-record the whole show.

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Set the speed and timing of transitions

Record a slide show with narration and slide timings

If you have recorded slide timings and find that there are a couple of timings you want to tweak, you don't need to re-record the whole show.

Instead, click the slide with the timing you want to change. Let's say we need more time for the quick facts on Slide 2.

Then, click the TRANSITIONS tab.

In the Timing group, you'll see the After box, which is checked and shows the recorded timing for the selected slide – 50 seconds.

I need to bump up the timing to 1 minute, so I'll click the up arrow and change the number to 1 minute.

Note that the On Mouse Click box is also checked.

This means that, if I want to, I can click to advance the slide without waiting for the full minute.

If I uncheck On Mouse Click, I have to wait for the automatic timing to elapse on the slide before the slide will advance.

If there is any slide, for which you don't want an automatic timing – for instance, this process slide, which can take a while to step through – select the slide, and uncheck the After box for that slide.

If you want to review all the slide timings and make sure they are set as you expect, click Slide Sorter.

The slide timings appear below each slide thumbnail.

Click Normal to return to Normal view.

To turn off slide timings, the quickest way is to click Slide Show and uncheck Use Timings.

Or, to clear timings completely, click the arrow next to Record Slide Show, point to Clear, and click either Clear Timing on Current Slide, for selected slides, or Clear Timings on All Slides.

For more information, see the course summary and experiment some more with PowerPoint.

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