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Improve image accessibility in PowerPoint

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Use these techniques to make the charts, graphs, and images in your PowerPoint slides accessible to users with a vision or reading disability.

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Tips for improving image accessibility

  • In addition to color, use text, patterns, or shapes to communicate ideas.

  • Add descriptive alt text to pictures, charts, and other visual objects.

  • Group layered images, like a picture with callout lines, into a single object.

  • To get an idea how your slides might look to someone who’s colorblind, select View > Grayscale.

Add alt text to a chart, picture, or other visuals

  1. Right-click a chart, picture, or other visual object, and select Edit Alt Text.

  2. In the Alt Text pane, type a description for the object.

  3. Add information about the slide and its visual content to the presentation notes underneath the slide.

    Note: To display the Notes field, select View > Notes.

Group layered images

To make sure that the screen readers can make sense of layered images, group them into one single image.

  1. To select the images you want to group, press and hold Shift and then click each image.

  2. Select Format > Group > Group.

  3. Add alt text to the grouped image.

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