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Share diagrams on SharePoint

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Share your diagram on SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business so your team can review and edit it in a web browser.

Save a diagram to SharePoint

  1. Select File > Share > Save to Cloud.

  2. Select the SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business document library where you want to store the diagram, and then select Save.

  3. Choose the team members you want to share the diagram with, type a message, and select Share.

Open the diagram in a web browser

  1. Go to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business where the diagram is stored, and select it.

  2. To view the diagram, select Open > Open in Visio Online.

  3. To make changes, select Open Diagram > Edit in browser.

    To open the diagram in Visio desktop, select EDIT IN VISIO.

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Visio Services in SharePoint Online roadmap

Upload a diagram to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online and share it with your team members.

Using Visio Online, they can view it, follow hyperlinks, and make changes in a web browser, even if they don’t have Visio installed.

I want to make our theater booking flowchart available to my team so they can access and review it.

So I’ll go to File, select Share, and select Save to Cloud to save it to SharePoint Online.

First, I navigate to our team’s SharePoint document library, save the file, and enter the names or email addresss of my team members.

Then, to let them know the diagram is available, I type an email message and select Share.

Now that the diagram is saved to SharePoint Online, my team and I can view the diagram and make changes in a web browser.

Let’s look at the diagram in a web browser.

In the SharePoint library where the diagram is stored, I select the file, select Open, and select Open in Visio Online.

From here, I can drag the zoom slider to change the size of the diagram, select Pan & Zoom to select and focus on specific parts, or select Fit page to current window to see the entire diagram at once.

I can also select a different page in a multi-page diagram.

When I want to make changes, I select Open Diagram and then Edit in browser.

From here I can drag shapes onto the drawing page,

go to Shape and select Fill to change the color of shapes,

go to Insert and add pictures,

or go to Design and select a different theme.

If I want to make other changes, I select EDIT IN VISIO to open the diagram on my desktop, make the changes, and Save it to SharePoint again.

Now my updated diagram is saved to SharePoint and shared with the team.

And we can all view or edit it in the web browser.

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