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Zoom in or out on your document, spreadsheet or presentation to find the perfect view.

Use the zoom slider

  • Select the zoom slider on the status bar and slide to the zoom setting you want. Or, use - or +.

    alternate text In Outlook, the zoom slider only zooms the content in the Reading Pane. For more information, see Change the font or font size in the message list.

Choose a particular zoom setting

  1. Select the percentage next to the zoom slider.

  2. In the Zoom dialog box, choose the percentage you want and press OK.
    Or, depending on the app, go to the View tab, and in the Zoom group select one of the options:

    • Excel: Zoom, 100%, or Zoom to Selection

    • PowerPoint: Zoom or Fit to Window

    • Word: Zoom, 100%, One Page, Multiple Pages, or Page Width

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