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View conversation insights in Yammer

Conversation insights show you the reach and engagement on your conversations in Yammer so that you can measure whether or not your conversations are effective. You can view insights for the conversations you create, and if you are a community admin, you can view insights on all the conversations created in your community.

Important: Conversation insights are only available for conversations started after January 1, 2021. Conversation Insights are not available for private messages.

Both conversation authors and community admins can:

  • Measure reach: See how many people viewed your conversation to help understand the scope of the audience.

  • Monitor engagement: See when each conversation was posted, how many people engaged with it through comments, reactions, and shares to track the impact of your communications.

  • Amplify conversations: Understand the ebb and flow in how people engage with your conversation and measure whether features like featuring or pinning the conversation amplify engagement.

Who can see conversation insights?

Community members can view insights for conversations they create, and community admins can view insights for all conversations created in the communities they manage.

How can I see conversation insights?

  1. Open the menu for a conversation you've authored or a conversation that’s in a community you manage by selecting the More info icon  More community options button to the right of the conversation.
    Screenshot showing the conversation More info menu with View Insights

  2. Click View Insights.

  3. View the following for more insight about the conversation:

  • Conversation excerpt: See an excerpt of your message at the top of the page to give you context for the conversation that you are measuring.
    New art showing a conversation excerpt in the insights feature

  • Impressions: View the unique number of users that have seen this conversation.

  • Engagement: See the number of reactions, comments, and shares for this conversation.
    Screenshot showing the Impressions section of conversation insights

  • Conversation trends: View the number of times this conversation was seen by users, and the total number of reactions and comments for the first 28-days from when the conversation was published. The Trends section also contains markers for actions taken on the conversation such as pinning in a community or using the Feature capability to promote it across your Yammer network.

    Use these trends to understand the ebb and flow in how people engage with your conversation so you can take actions like featuring or pinning the conversation to amplify engagement. The Trends chart shows up to four actions taken on a conversation in one-day.
    Screenshot showing the trends chart for Yammer conversation insights

  • Reactions: Asses how people reacted to your conversation across the various reaction types in Yammer.
    Screenshot showing the Reactions section for conversation insights

  • Top comments: View the top comments on this conversation, sorted by the greatest number of reactions.
    Screenshot showing top comments in conversation insights in Yammer

  • Shares: Find out the number of times your conversation has been shared, the community in which it was shared, its seen count, comments, and reactions.
    Screenshot showing insights for shared Yammer conversations


Q: How often is the data in conversation insights updated?

A: The Impressions, Engagement, Reactions, Top Comments, and Shares sections are updated in near-real time.  The Conversation Trends section is updated every 24 hours.

Q: How many markers, such as Featured or Pinned, show up in Conversation Trends?

A: The Conversation Trends chart can display up to four markers in one-day. For example, marking a Conversation as Featured and then Unfeatured counts as two markers.

Q: Are conversation Insights available for external, non-Microsoft 365 connected, and the All-Company communities?

A: Yes, conversation insights are available for external communities, non-Microsoft 365 connected communities and your network’s All-Company community. 

Q: Where can I find reports for Yammer activity for my entire network?

A: Use the Microsoft 365 Usage Reporting Dashboard, which includes the Yammer activity report, Yammer communities activity report, and Yammer device usage report. These reports are available to anyone in your organization with the Microsoft 365 Reports Reader Role. To get to these reports, in Microsoft 365, go to Admin>Usage report>Select a report.

Q: Can Yammer network admins view insights for all conversations across the network?

A: The conversation insights feature is currently available to conversation authors and community admins. Network admins can’t view insights for conversations unless they’re the author or a community admin in the community where the conversation was posted. 

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