Why can't I join a shared list?

Microsoft To Do supports list sharing for the following scenarios: 

  • Sharing between personal Microsoft accounts.

  • Sharing between accounts within the same place of work or education.

  • Sharing from personal Microsoft accounts to work accounts, as long as an organization’s admin has turned this feature on. (Note: it's currently not possible to share from work accounts to personal Microsoft accounts.)

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to join a shared list: 

  • If the list owner deleted a list before you had a chance to join it, you'll see an error message advising you to contact the person who shared the list with you. 

List sharing error message from Microsoft To Do that says "Can't join list. It looks like this list is unavailable. Try contacting the person who invited you."

  • If a list is owned by someone with a work or school account, that list will be unavailable to anyone outside the owner's place of work or education. 

List sharing error message from Microsoft To Do that says "Can't join list. This list isn't available to anyone outside the list owner's organization."

  • Work or school accounts can join lists owned by personal accounts, as long as the work or school's IT admin has turned this feature on for their organization. However, personal accounts can't join lists owned by work or school accounts.

   Error message in Microsoft To Do that says "Can't join list. This list was shared by an account outside your organization. Your organization doesn't support joining external lists. To learn more, talk to your admin."

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