You get this message when trying to process in Microsoft Dynamics GP

"A remove range operation on table 'syContentPageXMLCache' cannot find the table"


This message is usually encountered due to a network connection getting dropped or other connectivity issue.


We have ways to help test a network disconnect, but it would be up to you to resolve the issue. Helping you dig into this would be considered a consulting service to look at your environment and is out of scope for our regular support policy.

A.) A good test to test the network connectivity on your machine is to have the user go into SQL Server Management Studio and save data from a SQL table into a temp table such as:

select * into ##GL00100 from GL00100

Then periodically have the user query on this table at different times:

select * from ##GL00100

If they ever get the message "invalid object name ##GL00100" then it is because the connection is getting dropped.

B.) Run a continuous ping from the workstation to the SQL database server. Let the ping run, but if you see a 'Request Timed Out" message, this indicates the connection to the server is not stable.

ping SERVERNAME -t -I 65500

C.) In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the SQL instance name in the left margin and choose PROPERTIES. In the Server Properties window, click on the CONNECTIONS page. Verify the 'Maximum number of concurrent connections' is set to 0 (zero) which is for unlimited connections. This is the default setting for SQL Server. 

D.) Ensure any Anti-virus software is found in the exclusions from scanning:

  • GP Code folder

  • Any network shares containing shared reports and forms dictionaries

  • The user's TEMP directory

E.) Set up and use a new ODBC System DSN connection using the following KB article:

F.) Check the user's Sleep settings.

Make sure the Network card is not set to sleep. Open Device Manager, right-click on your NIC | Properties | Advanced tab, disable anything that has to do with power saving.

G.) When all users are out of Microsoft Dynamics GP, run these scripts to make sure these tables are empty:
 There tables should be empty when all users are logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

select * from DYNAMICS..ACTIVITY
select * from DYNAMICS..SY00800
select * from DYNAMICS..SY00801
select * from TEMPDB..DEX_LOCK
select * from TEMPDB..DEX_SESSION

Delete DYNAMICS..SY00800
Delete DYNAMICS..SY00801

H.) Restart both the SQL Server and the terminal servers.

I.) Disable TCP Chimney on server and workstations. Refer to these KB articles for more information:

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You can also look for more troubleshooting tips in the White Paper:

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