This diagnostic reviews your Management Reporter for Dynamics AX 2009 environment and looks for known issues.


When you run this diagnostic, you are prompted to enter the following information:

  • The AOS server name

  • The AOS port (by default, this is 2712)

  • The AX user name (this should not include the domain portion, and should be an AX administrator)

  • The fully qualified domain name (without user name)

  • The password (for the AX user name)

  • The company ID (also known as the DataAreaID)

  • The AX SQL server name

  • The AX SQL database name

The main action that this diagnostic performs is to look for transactions that have dimension codes with an invalid length. The diagnostic searches the LEDGERBUDGET, LEDGERBALANCESDIMTRANS, and LEDGERCOV tables. If the diagnostic identifies any invalid lengths, it will output the list of dimension codes at the end of the diagnostic in the SDP results.

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