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Context Sensitive Help articles are contextually linked from a control or dialog in the app.

For example, the topic Format or customize a table of contents is a context sensitive topic. That means, this topic can be accessed from within the Word app. Open the Word app, on the References tab, click Table of Contents > Custom table of contents > ? (question mark on the top-left of the dialog). When you click “?”, you will see it links to either one topic or multiple related topics. That means the topic(s) are contextually linked from the app.

  • If the topic is a contextually linked from with the app, then make sure that the topic makes sense in the user experience context.

  • Step through all the steps in the procedures.

  • Check to see if the steps in the procedures are accurate.

  • Concepts presented are accurate.

  • Any notes/alerts/warnings in the topic are accurate.

  • Screenshots match the UI. Please make sure to test the procedure for the version indicated by your project manager. It’s possible that a topic is tagged for multiple versions. And if there are tabs representing each version, make sure to test the procedure against the version indicated in the tab.

  • Links are not broken.

  • Links go to the promised target.

  • The See Also/Related links at the bottom of the topic are truly related to the topic you are testing.

  • No spell errors.

  • No grammatical errors.

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