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Educator's guide to Insights in Microsoft Teams

Insights in Microsoft Teams uses at-a-glance data views to help you catch up on all your students’ Teams activity, from assignment turn-in to engagement in class conversations. With spotlights on important trends in student activity, your Insights dashboard can save you time in planning, giving feedback to students, and providing help where needed. This feature is part of Education Insights Premium in Teams. It is currently being tested (preview version) by educators and education leaders and will be available worldwide this summer. 

You can add Insights as a tab in your class team and as an app in your app bar. 

Important: If you get a message that your account has opted out of Insights, your IT admin has turned it off. Contact your IT Admins, and ask them to enable Insights here.

Add the Insights tab 


  • Insights will surface activity data from all channels within a class team, but can only be added as a tab to public channels.

  • Insights is available in class teams only and cannot be added to staff or PLC teams.

  1. In Teams, navigate to the class team you want to add Insights to. Select  Add button to add a new tab.

  2. Select Insights from the displayed options, or search for Insights from the search bar.

  3. Select Add.    

  4. Since students don't have access to Insights, uncheck the option to Post to the channel about the tab, then select Save

  5. When you navigate to your new Insights tab, your first view will be the class overview page, where you can explore and drill down on your different data categories. 


    • If you're adding the Insights tab to a class that's already been active for a while, you may see data collected from past class activity.

    • Newer classes won't reflect a lot of data initially, but as your class is more active in Teams, you'll see more data in Insights. 

Select Insights to add to a new tab

Uncheck the option to post to the channel about the new tab

Add the Insights app 

With the Insights app, you can access data for all your class teams in one view. Select one of your class names for a detailed overview of that class, with access to reports on student Teams activity. 

Learn how to add Insights as an app.

partial Microsoft Teams screen with Insights highlighted

Insights protects your data

Your data is secure in Insights. Each report is only available to class owners, and only includes student learning activity within Microsoft Teams.

  • We don't collect data from: private chats, OneDrive files, or sign-in information. Find out more about the privacy standards Insights meets, including GDPR and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • We do collect data related to meaningful learning activities: assignments, channel posts, meeting attendance, and editing class files.

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