Auto-detect is a PREVIEW feature in Reading Progress that estimates errors based on common pronunciation. Auto-detect supports a number of dialects and pronunciations, and may assess student performance poorly if it interprets the uploaded document as the wrong language. For example, it may detect errors in a French document because it is monitoring for French pronunciation instead of French Canadian pronunciation. To ensure your documents are detected properly, follow the steps below.

Set your document language 

  1. Open a Word or PDF document in Microsoft Word

    • If you are using a PDF, you can still open it in Word by going to the File menu, choosing Open, and selecting the desired PDF

  2. After the document is open in Word, go to the Review tab

  3. Select the language you're using from the list 

    • See the list of currently supported languages on the next tab

  4. Select OK

  5. Save the Word document, this will retain your chosen language settings

    • If you began with a PDF, you can save it as a Word document. 

  6. Select this passage after choosing Upload Word or PDF in Reading Progress

Screenshot of review tab of word. Mouse has selected language then set proofing language

Screenshot from Word. Popup lists languages that can be selected. "Detect language automatically" is checked.

Languages that can use the Auto-detect feature

Auto-detect is a PREVIEW feature in Reading Progress that estimates errors based on common pronunciation. Documents in most languages can be uploaded and marked manually. Languages that are currently supported by Auto-detect include:

Arabic, Egypt

Arabic, Saudi Arabia

Arabic, United Arab Emirates



Chinese, Hong Kong

Chinese, Taiwan




English, United States

English, Australia

English, Canada

English, Great Britain

English, India

English, New Zealand

French, Canada

French, France


German, Austria

Hebrew, Israel

Hindi, India






Polish, Poland

Portuguese, Brazil

Portuguese, Portugal


Spanish, Spain

Spanish, Mexico




We are working to include more languages and dialects. Use your discretion to mark errors manually when the speech detection does not meet the needs of your student.

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