When attempting to delete the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds Managed Solution (ActivityFeeds) solution from CRM 2011 an error is displayed. When clicking the Details link, the report indicates the following message.

The Solution Activity Feeds cannot be deleted. The following components are required by other components in the system.


Creating and Deleting the "Activity Feeds Configuration" items triggers a solution specific plugin that has managed dependencies on the entites where they are enabled


1. Determine the version of the Activity Feeds solution that is currently installed in the system. This can be performed by completing the following steps:

  • In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click Settings, and then click Solutions

  • In the All Solutions grid, note the Version number column associated with the Activity Feeds Managed Solution

2. Ensure that that the Managed SDK Message Processing Steps for Activity Feeds Managed Solution are disabled when manually trying to resolve the issue. See steps 2 - 4 in the More Information section for details on enabling the appropriate Managed SDK Message Processing Steps.

3. Navigate to Settings and Click on Activity Feeds Configuration

4. Using the version information gathered in step 1, complete one of the following tasks:

  • If the version of Activity Feeds is less than 1.0.3, click to select all of the Activity Feeds Configuration records and Click Delete

  • If the version of Activity Feeds is greater than 1.0.3, click to select all of the Activity Feeds Configuration records and click Disable

5. Click Publish All Customizations

6. After performing the steps the Activity Feeds Managed Solution can be deleted 

More Information

In an environment where the Managed SDK Message Processing Steps for the Activity Feeds Solution are disabled prior to deleting the Activity Feeds Configuration records, the dependency error may still occur. This will occur as the Activity Feeds Solution has SDK Message Processing Steps that need to be enabled to appropriately clean up entity dependencies on deletion of the Activity Feeds Configuration records. 

To resolve this issue follow the steps below:

1. After the failed attempt to delete the "Activity Feeds" Managed Solution click the Details link, on the failure popup window. This report contains the Dependency Details that were the cause of the solution not getting deleted. After opening sort the contents by Type. Take note of each entity forms that have a dependency on the Activity Feeds Managed Solution for later use.

2. Navigate to Settings, click Customizations, click Customize the System and click SDK Message Processing Steps

3. Change the grid view to All and then sort by State column 

4. Enable all Managed plugins that have ActivityFeeds.Plugins in the Name

5. Navigate to Settings, click Activity Feeds Configuration and then click New

6. Create a Post Configuration record for each of the entities noted in step one 

Note: The Entity Name specified when creating the Post Configuration record must be the entity schema name. For example the User entity schema name is systemuser and Case entities schema name is incident. The schema name for any entity can be found in Settings, Customizations, Customize the System, Expand Entities, and choosing the entity from the list.

7. Navigate to Settings, click on Solutions and then click on Publish All Customizations

8. Navigate to Settings, click on Solutions, mark the ActivityFeeds solution and click Delete

Please note that the Activity Feeds Solution cannot be uninstalled in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise deployments utilizing Update Rollup 12 or greater. 

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