When you try to change or add a user in Microsoft Management Reporter, you receive the following error message:

The operation could not be completed due to a failure on the server


Cause 1

The Active Directory user does not have a display name. See Resolution 1in the "Resolution" section.

Cause 2 - only applies to Management Reporter 2.0

The Application Pool is set to run as the Local System, which does not have access to the domain. See Resolution 2in the "Resolution" section.

Cause 3 - only applies to Management Reporter 2012

The user account running the services is a Local System user.


Resolution 1

In Active Directory, the user does not have a display name. The user must have a display name for Management Reporter Security to work correctly.

Resolution 2

1. Have all users close Management Reporter 2.0. 

2. At the server, in the Contol Panel, click Administrative Tools and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

3. In the left hand pane, expand the server name and then click Application Pools.

4. Right-click Management Reporter and then click Advanced Settings

5. Under Process Model section, click the elispse button (...) at the end of the Identity field. 

6. Click Custom Account and then click Set

7. Enter a domain user, with a password that does not expire. Click OK to close.

8. Add the same user into SQL Management Studio.

a. Expand Security and then click Logins

b. Right-click Logins and then click New Login

c. Click the Search button, enter the domain user, and then click OK.

d. Click User Mapping and then click to highlight the ManagementReporter database. 

e. Grant the following permissions: 

  • Public

  • GeneralUser

  • db_datareader

9. Restart IIS by using the following steps.

 a. Click Start and then click Run

 b. Type: cmd

 c. On the DOS line type: iisreset

10. Log back into Management Reporter.

Resolution 3

1. Open the Configuration Console for Management Reporter 2012.

2. Click Management Reporter Services in the left navigation pane.

a. Click Remove Application Service and then choose Yes.

b. Click Remove Process Service and then choose Yes.

3. To re-install both services, click File and then click Configure.

a. Mark only the Management Reporter Application Service and the Management Reporter Process Service, and then click Next.

b. In the Service account section, click the Account drop-down, choose NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE or use a dedicated domain\username account with the proper permissions.

c. Complete the remaining sections and then click Next.

d. Click Configure to add both services.

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