Error when trying to save a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM : "The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit"


This can happen when there is a custom plugin installed for the affected entity and the plugin is set to execute under the context of a user that is no longer enabled in the system. For example, there could be a plugin that fires when an Account is saved. The actions performed by the plugin are executed under the context of the user named in the identity of the plugin, not the user that is performing the “Save” action. If the user named in the execution context of the plugin is disabled, this can cause record saving actions to fail for other users.


Locate the plugins for the affected entity by performing the steps outlined below:

1. Open Advanced Find in Dynamics CRM

2. Change the “Look For” drop down in Advanced Find to: SDK Message Processing Steps

3. Under SDK Message Processing Steps, select Impersonating User field - Contains Data and Click on Results

4. Locate the affected entity under the Primary Object Type Code column

5. Check the custom plugin which is installed for the affected entity in the first column

6. Note the Impersonating User for this custom plugin, and close the Advanced Find window

Check to see if the impersonating user for this custom plugin is disabled in CRM Online by performing the steps outlined below:

1. Within the Dynamics CRM web interface, Click on Settings, click on Administration, click on Users

2. Change the view to Disabled Users, and check for the user that was listed as the Impersonating User on the plugin

Enable this disabled user by performing the steps outlined below:

1. Select this disabled user

2. On the ribbon you will find enable button

3. Click on the enable button

More Information

1. You can also find all the custom plugins installed in your CRM Online instance under Settings, click on Customizations, click on Customize the System, and select Plug-in Assemblies.

2. Even the System Administrator will get the same error message.

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