Energy points can be earned through daily challenges on MSN Weather or Weather from Microsoft Start. Energy points will be counted once per day for each challenge, page visit, or click. You do not have to be signed in with a Microsoft account to participate and earn energy points, however, you can earn more if you do sign in. The daily limit is 2,000 energy points. Signing in with a Microsoft account is required for a tree to be planted in Kenya. 

You need to earn 10,000 energy points to plant a tree. 

It depends on how often you visit the weather pages and complete the game tasks. If you visit and complete all the tasks on a daily basis, it takes about a month for most users to earn 10,000 energy points.  

Initially, there will be up to 200,000 trees planted as part of this pilot program.

You can navigate to weather on Microsoft Start or MSN. Click 'Join now' to get started in the program. Complete daily challenges to earn energy points. When you've reached level 10 and earned 10,000 energy points, Microsoft will sponsor a tree to be planted in real life.  

Microsoft has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant the trees. They have already planted more than 700M trees across multiple countries and have partnerships with multiple big brands and projects. Their holistic approach to ecological reforestation involves partnering with local communities to plant native species while supporting good social values. They've received high ratings on Charity Navigator and have participated in several other large tree planting projects. For more details, please visit their website: (only available in English).

No, joining the program and playing are free. 

The trees will be planted in Kenya, which is located on Africa's eastern coast and is famous for its diverse wildlife and wide range of forests. In recent decades, these forests have experienced widespread environmental degradation as the result of logging, charcoal burning, and illegal farming. A consequence of these human-related activities has been an increase in poverty coupled with severe drought. In order to combat these developments, the Kenyan government has committed to restoring 10% of its land to forest cover, and our partner Eden Reforestation Projects is working closely with them to help accomplish this goal. 

We are currently only able to offer this program in the United Kingdom and the United States, but will be expanding to more markets soon. Keep checking back! 

The program starts November 5, 2021, and runs through November 5, 2022.

When done well using data and scientifically informed methodology, planting trees results in positive environmental impacts such as ecological restoration and carbon sequestration. Supporting reforestation through a partner like Eden Reforestation Projects also provides local communities with new opportunities for economic self-sufficiency.


  • There is no correlation between Weather product usage, the number of energy points collected, and the planting of a tree to any environmental benefits. 

  • Any environmental benefits associated with the tree planting are not included in Microsoft’s corporate environmental accounting. 

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