You can add a shortcut to view the calculated work records for the calculated batch in Canadian Payroll.  This information can be viewed any time after the batch is calculated, and is overwritten when the next batch is calculated.


Open this window using the method appropriate for the version you are using below:


To open this window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and higher versions, click on Transactions, point to Payroll-Canada, and click WORK-Display Calc Work Records.


Use these steps to add the shortcut to this window for any version of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, click on the HOME area page.

2. Right-click on Shortcuts in the left navigation pane.

3. Click Add

4. Click Add Window...

5. In the Add Window Shortcut window, click to expand Canadian Payroll, and click to expand Project.

6. Scroll down and click on WORK - Display Calc Work Records

7. Click Done. (Click Yes if prompted to save changes.)

Now click on Shortcuts again in the left navigation pane and you will see WORK-Display Calc Work Records listed. Click to open it. Enter the Employee ID. You will be able to see all the calculated amounts from the last payrun including Federal/Provincial tax information, T4/T4A/R1 information, CPP/EI information, Taxable/Before Tax and After tax information, SCB, RRSP, EHT, GST, Banked Information for paid and accumulated, and Vacation-paid and accrued.

More Information

This information is still available to view after you post, so you can view what was on the last payrun. It will be overwritten when the next payroll batch is calculated. 

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