What's new with MEC? 

The Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) is migrating to the Microsoft Learn Educator Center in the coming months. The Learn Educator Center will provide custom professional development and technical skilling pathways, content, and certifications for your students to develop 21st century skills.

Are there getting started resources for using Microsoft Learn?

Yes, navigate to the module for navigating Microsoft Learn for Educators. This will give you the essentials for using Microsoft Learn and provide a gateway to exciting professional development content for educators and staff leaders.

How do I find educator content on Learn?

Browse all content on Learn to view what's available. 

To help you find the content you need, filter by your role as a K-12 Educator, Higher-Ed Educator, School Leader, or Parent and Guardian under the Role filter.

Where can I sign up for free Microsoft 365 Education Edition?

Answer : Go to the Office for Education product page and enter your school email address.

Where can I get support for Office 365?

Answer : Go to Office 365 for Education support or call 800-658-9408.

Why can't I see MEC content in my preferred language?

Answer : MEC prioritizes the language of the content shown to you based on your browser settings. You may need to go into your browser settings and change the preferred language.

What if I found none of my answers on this page?

Answer : Please contact the MEC Team at aka.ms/mecsupport for additional assistance.

How do I download my certificates?

Answer: Once you have passed the quiz and earned the badge, the certificate will be available on your profile page. To download a certificate, click the "view details" button next to the badge to access the profile page of Microsoft Education Center .

What is the redeem code?

Answer: A redeem code is given to you after attending an instructor led course. You can use this code to acquire a certificates and/or badges for the course you just completed. If the course you have taken in person, maps to a MEC course, you’ll receive a badge and certificate and the course will appear on your transcript. If the instructor-led training doesn’t map to a MEC course, then the training will appear on your transcript. Calendar of Webinars, trainings, and events .

How do I redeem a code?

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Educator Community. , then access your profile.

  2. On the right hand side of screen, click on Redeem code button.

  3. Finally, insert your code.

What if my redeem code is not working?

Answer : This happens when the code is not valid either because it is incorrect or because it is an old code. Please contact your training instructor to get a new code and try to redeem it again in your MEC profile.

Why is My Code not working?

Answer : Codes created after January, 2019 are new. Older codes no longer work because we changed the formatting when we updated our site. Please reach out to the trainer who provided the code to you and ask them to regenerate a new code.

What kind of badges can I earn?

Answer :  Badges are shown in the Courses and Learning Paths pages (in your preferred language). here are some examples of badges you can learn (we are adding more in an ongoing basis):

  • MIE badges for completing at least 2 hours of learning

  • MCE badges for passing the Microsoft Certified Educator exam

  • WE Schools Service Learning Master badge

I was a Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) user, but I don’t see all my MEC training history in my Learn profile. Why?

We have not yet moved your training history from the Microsoft Educator Center to Learn. We will be doing this soon.

To ensure that your learning history and achievements are migrated, you'll need to link your MEC and Learn Educator Center profiles and then accept permissions to opt-in and share your profile with Learn.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Educator Center homepage.

  2. Select the button to Visit Microsoft Learn Educator Center.

  3. In the pop-up screen, agree to permissions to share your profile and then select Continue to Learn sign in.

  4. Sign in to the Learn Educator Center using the same credentials that you use to sign in to MEC.

You'll l see your MEC achievements and learning history moved to Learn in the coming months. 

In the meantime, your Microsoft Educator Center profile will show all achievements for content completed both on MEC and on Learn. Go to your MEC profile here.

Can I use my Gmail address to log into the MEC?

Answer: Yes. Create a Microsoft account with your Gmail email address here . Then, use that account to sign up on Microsoft Education Center. When you sign into the MEC, choose the Microsoft button.

How do I change my name or edit my profile?

Answer : There are 2 ways you can edit your profile depending on your situation

  1. If you are logging in using a personal account, you can make changes from the Microsoft Account page.

  2. If you are using an organizational login, you will need to contact your admin to make changes to your profile.

  3. Log off of MEC, close your browser, and log back in to refresh.

How do I access my trainer profile?

Answer : You can find the trainer platform at the Microsoft Education Training Tracker .

I need support for my trainer account. Where do I log a ticket?

Answer: Contact the MEC support team .

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