• When post or void a bank deposit, it takes forever and the system just hangs.   What can I do to help make it go faster and get past this performance issue?

  • When I open the checkbook register inquiry window, GP hangs or slow checkbook register inquiry window

  • In the checkbook register inquiry window, when i click the lookiup button to select a document number, I am unable to select a document.

  • Printing the checkbook register is now slow in GP 2018 after an upgrade.


If your Bank Reconciliation tables (CM20200 and CM20300) get very large, it may slow down the posting or voiding processes for bank deposits.  Reducing the size of these tables may help these processes go faster.

Changes were made to the checkbook register window in GP 2016 R2 to accommodate the new historical tables.  So if you have never used this feature to move documents to history in Bank Rec, you may want to move some documents to history and then performance should improve.  


If you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 (16.00.0541) or higher versions, there are new historical tables for Bank Rec.  So you can run a process to move all reconciled transactions to the new historical tables.  So having your open tables smaller, should help with performance overall in Bank Rec.

To do this:

1. Make a current backup of the company databse. 

2. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Financial | Bank Reconciliation, and verify that the option for MAINTAIN HISTORY for Transaction/reconciliation is marked.  (If this is not marked, the tranactions will be removed completely when you reconcile or voide., so make sure it IS marked to keep history.) 

3. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Routines | Financial | Reconciled Transaction Maintenance 

   a. Select the checkbook ID. 

   b.  Mark the checkbox for what transactions you want to remove (ie. Deposits, Bank transactions, Transfers or voiced transactions).

   c.  Enter a cutoff date.  (reconciled documents after this date will not be moved to history.)

   d.  Mark the option to print register for your records.  

   e.  click Process.  

   f.  Verify the transactions were moved.



Transactions you selected will move to historical tables as follows:

           -Reconciled transactions will be moved from the CM20200 table to the CM30200 historical table. 

           -Reconciled/deposited receipts will be moved from the CM20300 table to the CM30300 historical table.


Click on the blog article below to view the new feature: documentation:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 - Bank Reconciliation - Reconciled Transaction Maintenance


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