When you try to open the Project Transaction Transfer (PA.PTT.00) screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL, you receive the following error:

PC Message Number 1780 - This application is currently in use by '%s'.


The Project Transaction Transfer Control Parameter Maintenance record exists because the screen previously closing abnormally.
The Control Parameter is used to prevent two users from accessing the screen simultaneously and possibly creating duplicate records


To clear the Control Parameter Maintenance record, follow these steps:

  1. Verify the user who is listed in the error message does not have the screen open. If they do have the screen open, then the message is legitimate. Only one user at a time may use the Project Transaction Transfer screen

  2. If the user in the message does not have the screen open, open the Control Parameter Maintenance (PA.CNT.00) screen

  3. Enter "PA" for the control type.

  4. F3 in the control code field and select "PAPTT-INUSE"

  5. Click in the first field where you see the username.

  6. Click the delete button on the toolbar to remove the control

  7. Answer Yes to the message to confirm the delete.

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