Robotic Hand Activity

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The Robotic Hand Activity can be found in the Building Machines that Emulate Humans lesson plan. This lesson plan explores anatomy and the biomechanics of the human hand. Students build a sensorized glove and a straw robotic hand to aid in the learning process. When building the project,  students may run into some problems. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help them get unstuck: 

Problem - All flex sensors show -1 on Data In workbook tab. 

Solution - Glove and hand connectors are reversed. 

Problem - My sensorized finger doesn’t move on the robotic hand. 

Solution - The sensor could be faulty in the glove. If so, remove and replace or acquire one that's working to check that the leads are working.  

  • The servo motor is fried—replace it.

  • The servo connector is backwards—switch all servo connections into your breadboard.

  • Clear plastic servo arm holding the thread may have fallen off or is loose.

  • Make sure that your microcontroller is flashed using the correct code.

  • Make sure that you're using the correct Excel Workbook—each Hacking STEM project comes with its own customized workbook.

Problem - Excel Round 4 and 5 icons don’t change. 

Solution - Set Data channels to 22 or higher in the Workbook Settings tab. 

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