During post-installation configuration for Hadoop clusters, the installation of Revolution R Enterprise may fail with the output:

Successfully created RevoScaleR.enhanced file. 
Checking for Hadoop installation 
Wrote RevoHadoopEnvVars.site to /usr/lib64/Revo-7.3/scripts. 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "./install.py", line 812, in <module> 
File "./install.py", line 217, in sourceRevoHadoopEnvVars 
(key, value) = line.split('=',1) 
ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack

The error is due a failure to parse the user's environment during configuration and is typically caused by the presence of the following two-line variable/value set in the environment:

BASH_FUNC_module()=() { eval `/usr/bin/modulecmd bash $*` 

This variable is related to the installation of a patch for a bash shell vulnerability. To work around the problem so the RRE installation can be performed:

1. Use the attached uninstall.sh script to clean up the incomplete installation of RRE.  Copy the uninstall.sh script to /usr/lib64/Revo-7.3 (or the target Revo-7.3 directory), make sure it is executable, and run it as root from outside the directory.

2. Create a file /root/RREenv that contains the single line:

env|grep -v BASH_FUNC_module|grep '='

Save this file and make it executable.

3. Edit line 213 of the Revolution R install.py script, which should be:

command = ['bash', '-c', 'source ' + revo_hadoop_site + ' && env']

Change that line to:

command = ['bash', '-c', 'source ' + revo_hadoop_site + ' && /root/RREenv']

4. Run the Revolution R installer script, install.py.


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