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There is a list of input file types that Clipchamp supports. These include video, image, and audio files.

If you're seeing an error message that your input file is not supported when you add it to our video editor and it is a video, image or audio file, this can mean that it's in a format Clipchamp doesn't recognize.

It can also mean that something went wrong in the adding process, therefore as a first step we suggest refreshing the browser and trying to add the file to your Clipchamp project again.

If reloading doesn't solve the issue and your file still doesn't get recognized, then converting a problematic file and adding the resulting new file version to Clipchamp can help.

For video files, this can get done with a video converter. There are free applications available when you search for "video converter" online. After converting your source video to MP4*, add the resulting new video file in Clipchamp.

For image files, you can open them in Windows Photos and save them as new JPGs, which you can then add to your Clipchamp project.

For audio files, there are free audio converter applications available when you search for them online. We suggest converting to MP3 or OGG.

If your file still doesn't work (and is listed as a supported file type), it may be corrupted or unreadable, or there may be another problem. For more troubleshooting tips, see the suggestions at the end of What to do if your Clipchamp project or assets aren't loading

If you are willing to share your file with us, you can also contact our support team via the chat in Clipchamp so we can investigate further.

*Note that even if your original file is an MP4 already, converting it can still help because the conversion often updates the video and/or audio codecs that are used in the MP4 file. This can lead to the new file version getting recognized by Clipchamp. MP4 is a container format for videos and can therefore contain a combination of different video and audio codecs that your file is encoded in. Most won't cause issues but some might and in these cases, converting the MP4 file can help.

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