Cortana on HoloLens

Applies to: HoloLens

Cortana can help you do all kinds of things on your HoloLens, from searching the web to shutting down your device. To get her attention, select Cortana

Cortana icon
on Start or say "Hey Cortana" anytime.

Image of Cortana

Here are some things you can try saying (remember to say "Hey Cortana" first):

  • What can I say?

  • Increase the volume.

  • Decrease the brightness.

  • Shut down.

  • Restart.

  • Go to sleep.

  • Mute.

  • Launch <app name>.

  • Move <app name> here (gaze at the spot you want the app to move to).

  • Go to Start.

  • Take a picture.

  • Start recording. (Starts recording a video.)

  • Stop recording. (Stops recording a video.)

  • Call <contact>. (Requires Skype.)

  • What time is it?

  • Show me the latest NBA scores.

  • How much battery do I have left?

  • Tell me a joke.