Use Cortana in your car with Windows 10 Mobile

When you take Cortana on the road with you, your personal assistant is always there to help. Pair your Windows 10 Mobile phone with the Bluetooth hands-free system in your car to get things set up, and then ask Cortana whatever you want.

  1. Pair your phone with hands-free system in your car. (For safety, don't do this while you're driving.)
  2. In the Allow contacts to be downloaded? message box that appears on your phone, select Allow to download contacts to your car's hands-free system.

    After your car downloads your contact list, the list will include a special number for a contact named Cortana. This contact won't show on your phone.
  3. Depending on the hands-free system in your car and how it works, do one of the following:
    • Press the voice command button on the steering wheel in your car, and then say Call Cortana when prompted.
    • On the screen for your hands-free system, tap the contact named Cortana in your contact list to start Cortana on your phone.
    • The car dials the number that starts Cortana.

  4. Ask Cortana whatever you want.

    You might ask for nearby restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, or anything else.


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