Restart or recover the HoloLens clicker

Applies to: HoloLens

Here are some things to try if the HoloLens clicker is unresponsive or isn’t working well.

Restart the clicker

Use the tip of a pen to press and hold the pairing button.

Illustration of the clicker (bottom view)

At the same time, click and hold the clicker for 15 seconds. If the clicker was already paired with your HoloLens, it will stay paired after it restarts. 

Illustration of holding the clicker

If the clicker won't turn on or restart, try charging it using the HoloLens charger. If the battery is very low, it might take a few minutes for the white indicator light to turn on.

Re-pair the clicker

Go to Settings > Devices and select the clicker. Select Remove, wait a few seconds, then pair the clicker again. 

Recover the clicker

If restarting and re-pairing the clicker don’t fix the problem, the Windows Device Recovery Tool can help you recover it. The recovery process may take some time, and the latest version of the clicker software will be installed. To use the tool, you’ll need a computer running Windows 10 or later with at least 4 GB of free storage space.

To recover the clicker:
  1. Download and install the Windows Device Recovery Tool on your computer. Download now.
  2. Connect the clicker to your computer using the Micro USB cable that came with your HoloLens.
  3. Run the Windows Device Recovery Tool and follow the instructions.

If the clicker isn’t automatically detected, select My device was not detected and follow the instructions to put your device into recovery mode.