Tell your story with albums

Show off your latest adventures with albums in the Photos app.

Created for you, automatically

The app automatically creates albums for you, featuring some of your best shots from around the same time and place.

Photos app album view

Edit an album or create a new one

You don't need to do a thing to enjoy your new albums, but you can edit them to add some finishing touches or create your own albums.

  1. Select the Start

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    button, then select Photos.

  2. Select Albums, select the album you want, then select Edit . Or, to start creating a new album, select New album , select the photos you want to include, and then select Done .

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Type to enter a new title.

    • Select Add or remove photos, select the ones you want, then select Done .

    • To change the photo shown at the top, select Change cover, choose a photo, then select Done .

  4. Review the album, then select Save .

Photos app album select view

Share your story

Once you’ve saved the album, scroll to the bottom for a range of sharing options.

To share a link in a message or app without sending a huge attachment, select Share this album. If it isn't already saved on OneDrive, you'll be asked to upload it first. The app will let you know when it's ready to go, and then you can choose an app to share with or copy a link into a message.

To transform your album into a cool, interactive story in minutes, select Tell your story with Sway. After the album is uploaded to Sway, you can play around with the layout, add words, animation, and other fun effects, and then share your Sway online. Learn more about Sway.

To see and edit the album from your other devices without sharing it, select Upload . It'll be ready to go on OneDrive if you decide to share it later.


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