Handling Suspense Account/Subaccount Problems that result from ignoring the "System Message 6659" error message


The suspense account is created during posting if a batch without a valid account and/or subaccount or with a blank account or subaccount field is being released and posted.  Solomon will create a suspense account (000000) or a suspense subaccount (000000) as needed.

Sometimes, users will receive System Message 6659 – ‘Batch % Module %s amount will be posted to Suspense account as acct is missing’.   People often ignore this message and continue to post the batch anyway.

We have found four conditions in customer databases where suspense accounts or subaccounts are involved:

1. Batch released and posted and an entry was created with a suspense account and a valid subaccount.
2. Batch released and posted and an entry was created with a valid account but a suspense subaccount.
3. Batch released and posted and an entry was created with a suspense account and a suspense subaccount.
4. Batch released and posted, entry was created with a suspense account and a blank subaccount field.


Suggested Corrections for the above conditions:

1. Suspense Account/Valid Subaccount
a. Create a Journal Entry to transfer the suspense amount to a valid account.  Since the entry has 000000 for the account and it is associated with a valid subaccount, the customer should be able to make a journal entry to transfer the balance from the suspense account to the proper account.

2. Valid Account/Suspense Subaccount
a. Create a journal entry if the database has a subaccount structure which has a length greater than or equal to 6.  In this case, the customer should be able to F3 on the Subaccount field in Journal Transactions and select the suspense subaccount.
i. However, if they have Validate Account/Subaccount checked in
GL Setup, they will either need to create a combination for the account and suspense subaccount or turn off validations while this entry is performed. (Please be sure that no other users are entering data while you have the option unchecked in GL Setup).
b. If  their Flexkey subaccount structure will not accommodate a six digit subaccount, suggest that everyone log out of Solomon, change the Flexkey definition to 6, perform the Journal Entry, and then change the Flexkey Definition back to the original settings.
c. Reports and screens can be deceiving.  For example, if you have a subaccount length of 4, the suspense account will only appear with four 0’s when it actually contains 6.

3. Suspense Account/Suspense Subaccount
a. Use the same correction steps as condition 2.  The customer will always be able to select the suspense account in the Journal Transaction screen, but could have difficulty selecting the suspense subaccount in Journal Transactions if the flexkey conditions described in #2 exist.

4. Suspense Account/Missing Subaccount
a. Since the subaccount is blank in this condition, a journal entry will not be possible unless the data in the tables is corrected.  We have a couple of suggestions for this condition:
b. Resolution 1.
i. Run a select statement as follows from AcctHist
1. Select * from accthist where acct = ‘000000’ and fiscyr = ‘xxxx’  (please be sure you have the correct company and ledger)