IBM TSM backup fails while backing up system state on Windows Server 2008 based Computer


Attempting to perform a system state backup using Tivoli System Manager (TSM)  Backup may fail with the following errors:

<date> <time> ANS5279E Error processing '\\<Machine Name> \c$\Windows\System32\<filename>.dll': file not found.
<date> <time> ANS1999E Incremental processing of '<machinename>\SystemState\NULL\System State\SystemState' stopped.
<date> <time> ANS5280E Object enumeration from a file set or file list failed.
<date> <time> ANS1512E Scheduled event '<event name>' failed. Return code = 12.


Searching IBM's Client message list we find the following:

Error: ANS5279E: Error processing 'filename': file not found.
The file being processed for backup, archive or migrate, no longer exists on the client. Another process deleted the file before it could be backed up, archived or migrated by TSM. 

If you browse to the path indicated by the ANS5279E error in the TSM Logs , you may find one of the following:

  • If the file referenced is a device driver (.sys), you may see that device listed with a Yellow exclamation mark in device manager
  • The file referenced is not present on the specified path.

TSM (Tivoli System Manager Backup Software) from IBM requests VSS to create a list of files to be backed up as a part of System state backup. After getting this list TSM verifies the presence of all the Enumerated files. If any files are missing then TSM backup will fail as seen above.



  • The file referenced is a device driver and the corresponding device is found in device manager listed with a Yellow exclamation mark
    • If the device is no longer in use, uninstall the device.
    • If the device is needed, reinstall the device following the directions provide by the vendor.
  • The file referenced is not present on the specified path.
    • This may be the result of improperly uninstalled software. The path and filename reporting as failed is listed in the registry but is missing.
    • Attempt to identify the associated software and vendor. There may be additional information available from the vendors on manually removing the references.
    • If the software is needed, reinstallation may be resolve the issue.
    • To workaround around this error, the identified registry key might be deleted but the results could be unexpected. Ensure you have a method of recovering the system prior to making any modifications to the registry.

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