How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses in Partner Membership Center or Partner Center

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See the steps below to learn how to activate your Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses in Partner Membership Center and Partner Center.

More Information for partners that are still in Partner Membership Center

Activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses:
  1. Go to the Microsoft Partner Digital Download Portal.
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) that is associated to your Microsoft Partner Network membership and is currently assigned administrator rights.
  3. Select the Microsoft Online Services section.

  4. From the product list, select Microsoft Azure.

  5. On the Obtain cloud benefit page, click the Special instructions link.

  6. Under the Your Microsoft Azure benefit entitlement area, click Activate this benefit.

    Please note that in cases where a partner has multiple benefits of the same value, the benefit must be activated with separate Microsoft account IDs.

  7. Complete the Sign up page by filling in the required fields. Payment information is required, but you will not be charged anything without your consent. If you reach the limit of your monthly internal-use rights benefit, you will be notified before any charges are applied.



More Information for partners that were migrated to Partner Center

To view the benefits from the subscriptions purchased in Partner Center, please go to Dashboard and on the left navigation menu, under MPN, select Benefits.


To activate Azure subscription in Partner Center, partner should assign the access to a user within the company using his AAD account. To assign the benefit in Partner Center to a user, partner’s Global Admin/ Partner MPN admin should go to the Benefits tab in PC, click on “Cloud” section, go to the dropdown arrow from the right, under Azure Benefit (Monthly or Bulk) and add the user credentials (AAD account) to which the benefit to be assigned.

Benefits - Cloud

Benefits - MPN

Benefits - Assign User

After the credits are assigned in Partner Center, it is very important to activate them from Partner Center by clicking the blue URL and not login separately in a new tab or a new window to Azure Portal.

For additional guidance, you can also watch the How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses video.

Process to claim Microsoft Azure Monthly Credit

This section provides information about the steps partners must take in order to claim their Microsoft Azure Monthly Credit benefit.

Since February 24, 2014, all partners enrolled in a competency or Action Pack subscription have access to a Microsoft Azure US$100 monthly credit. This benefit is provided per organization regardless of the number of Action Pack subscriptions or Additional Benefit Toolkits purchased. If one of the administrators within an organization has already claimed the Azure benefit, other users in the same organization will not be able to claim it.

Process to claim the Microsoft Azure Monthly Credit:

1. Access the Partner Digital Download Portal and click Microsoft Online Services. Please note that a Microsoft account associated with administrator access is required.

Partner Network

2. Select Microsoft Azure under the Management section.


3. Click the link in the Special Instructions area of the page.

MS Azure

4. Then click Get Benefit.

IURs Software Licenses

5. Enter your information, accept the agreement, and then click Sign up.

Sign up

If you have completed these steps and are still unable to claim your Azure benefit, you can contact the Azure Billing Support team for additional assistance. Follow these steps to escalate the issue:

  1. Create a “Pay As You Go” subscription at Please note that the purpose of this step is to ensure that you are able to create a support ticket with the Azure Billing Support team. The Azure Billing Support team will then be able to convert the "Pay As You Go" subscription to a Microsoft Partner Network Azure benefit.
  2. The administrator will need to sign in to the Partner Membership Center.
  3. Once you are signed in, you will need to take a screenshot(s) to send to the Azure Billing Support team. Screenshots should include your partner ID, organization name, and program status.
  4. Go to the Azure Support page ( and click Get Support under Technical and Billing Support.
  5. Choose the following options:
    • Problem type: Billing and invoicing
    • Category: Other billing questions
  6. Follow the instructions and make sure your contact details are correct.
  7. Add additional information (problems with activating the Microsoft Partner benefit) and the following required information:
    • Membership level, such as Action Pack, gold competency, or silver competency partner
    • Microsoft Partner ID
  8. Make sure you attach screenshots to show that you are a Microsoft partner.
  9. Once the support team receives your request, the "Pay As You Go" subscription will be converted to a Microsoft Partner Network Azure benefit, providing you are a Microsoft partner. (Note: If you are unable to access the Azure Support page in step 4, you can use this link.)

Contact Microsoft Partner Support
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