Dev Chat for Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365

Applies to: Partner

Get the technical tips you need to get started and successfully build Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 apps. From architecture and design to deployment, implementation and migration, chat with a Microsoft support engineer for development tips to quickly resolve programming questions regarding the capability and services of Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 (available in English and Mandarin only).

Whether you are new to application development, new to the cloud or looking to amplify your app development journey, the Dev Chat experience will help you integrate Microsoft services into your unique solutions. 

Start a live chat with a Microsoft engineer

Dev Chat is available to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 application developers within the Microsoft Partner Network (Network, Action Pack, Silver and Gold) at no cost. Not part of the Microsoft Partner Network? Join today.

General topics covered:

  • Getting started questions
  • Setup for development (service configuration and deployment)
  • Get up and running with your solution
  • Generic service capability
  • Architecture and design consult on solutions
  • Migration from on-premises service
  • Publishing to Marketplace, Office Store, App Store, etc.
  • Sample code review and light proof-of-concept 
  • Publishing Custom Applications and Add-ins
  • Partner Center API


View the supported services and scenarios for: Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365

View the list of unsupported services and scenarios for: General scenariosAzure and Dynamics 365


Azure services and scenarios:

  • Azure App Services: Web App, Mobile App, Logic App, API App
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Notification Hub
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure IoT
  • Azure Marketplace
  • Azure Media
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure in Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program
  • Compute Service: Cloud Service, Service Fabric, Function

  • Azure Data Service: SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Redis Cache

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Key Vault
  • Bot Service
  • Machine Learning
  • Azure Storage
  • Service Bus
  • Azure Automation


Office 365 services and scenarios:

  • Office 365 Application and Add-ins
  • SharePoint Rest API
  • Azure Active Directory and Security
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Office 365 in Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program
  • Exchange Online
  • Skype for Business Online


Dynamics 365 services and scenarios:

  • Sales and Customer Service  
  • Finance and Operations 
  • Customization 
  • Development assistance: develop with SDK or API, manage customer data, extend existing features, authentication, development management with Lifecycle Services, Mobile Apps, etc.


General unsupported scenarios:

  • Debugging, Root Cause Analysis
  • Break-Fix / Troubleshooting of Custom API
  • Out of By-Design Scope
  • Testing & Review Full Code Custom Application
  • On-Premise Product Support
  • 3rd Party Related


Unsupported azure services:

  • Big Data (HDInsight, Data Lake, SQL data Warehouse)
  • Private cloud or complex hybrid integration
  • Power BI
  • Azure Active Directory Domain Service
  • Deployment and Configuration inside Azure VM


Unsupported Dynamics 365 services:

  • Marketing, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Customer Insights, Retail, Talent


Dev Chat Support Boundaries

If you need assistance with the following scenarios, find the right support options for you:

Unsupported chat scenarios Examples Where to get support

Technical Support

Break-fix support, hotfixes or troubleshooting

Contact product support

Accounts and Billing

Invoicing, upgrading and transferring your subscription and account profiles
Review Azure billing articles

Contact Partner Frontline Support (aka RSC) or Partner Support Community

MPN Program Support
MPN program questions (credential association to MPN organization, support contract activation) Contact Partner Frontline Support (aka RSC) or Partner Support Community
Open Source Support Open source developer language technology in Azure Check Support for Linux and open source technology in Azure
Azure Backend Azure portal displays abnormally, Unhealthy status for Azure resource Create an Azure support request
Publisher Support Developer support for publishing applications to Microsoft marketplaces Contact publisher support


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