How To Use the Snmputil.exe Tool to Verify the Microsoft SNMP Agent Configuration in Windows Server 2003

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This step-by-step article describes how to use the Snmputil.exe tool to verify the Microsoft Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Agent configuration.

You can use the Snmputil.exe support tool to verify that the SNMP service has been correctly configured to communicate with SNMP management stations. Note that this tool is not available on the Windows Server 2003 installation CD, but you can use the Microsoft Windows 2000 version of this tool to query a computer running Windows Server 2003.

Valid Commands

The following are valid commands that you can use with the Snmputil.exe tool:
  • get: This command gets the value of the requested object identifier.
  • getnext: This command gets the value of the next object that follows the specified object identifier.
  • walk: You use this command is used to step through (walk) the Management Information Base (MIB) branch that is specified by the object identifier.

Install the LAN Manager MIB-II Agent

The LAN Manager MIB-II Agent for Windows NT is installed automatically with the SNMP agent, so it is the most convenient MIB to test against.

The following sections illustrate a sample query and response.

Sample Query

snmputil getnext <machine name> public .1.3

Sample Response

Variable = String Hardware: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4 AT/AT COMPATIBLE
Value = Windows Version 5.2 (Build 3621 Uniprocessor Free)


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