Thunderbolt ports or docking stations may stop working when attached while the computer starts or resumes from sleep or hibernation

Applies to: Windows 10


You use a Thunderbolt docking station or a Thunderbolt port for a Windows 10-based computer. When the computer starts up or resumes from sleep or hibernation, you plug in the docking station or the docking port. In this scenario, the docking station or the Thunderbolt port stops working.


This issue occurs because of a rare race condition that occurs when the Thunderbolt ports or the docking station is configured while the computer is starting or resuming from sleep or hibernation. This race condition may cause a concurrent access to the device or ports, and this may cause a time-out for USB Controllers. The affected devices will show Error Code 24 or 43 in Device Manager.


To work around this issue, try to unplug the docking station or Thunderbolt device, and then plug in the device again after 5 seconds.

If this does not fix the issue, it is likely because the error is affecting the ports in the system instead of on the docking station or the Thunderbolt device. In this case, restart Windows 10 to fix the issue.

To avoid this issue from recurring, plug in the Thunderbolt device before you power up the computer or resume the computer from sleep or hibernation by using any of the following methods:

  • Pressing the power button
  • Opening the lid
  • Using the lock screen or log-in screen if either is displayed after Windows 10 has fully started up


Microsoft is actively working on a fix for this issue for future Windows 10 updates.