Error "Depreciation Senstive Field Has Changed"

Applies to: Fixed Assets

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Error - "A Depreciation Sensitive Field has Changed." occurs when running a Fixed Assets Book import and the macro seems to stop.


The first thing to check is to see if the Auto Add Book feature was turned off. This feature can be turned off by unmarking it on the Book Setup for each book that is being imported. You can do this on version 6.0 at Setup | Financial | Fixed Assets | Book (For versions 5.x go to Work | Fixed Assets Palette | Setup | Book). What this feature does is when you import in the asset general information it saves the asset to the book. Once that asset has been saved to the book it calculates the yearly depreciation amounts. When running the book import the system is getting new data to calculate the yearly depreciation amount. At the time of saving the new book information, the message pops up telling you that "A Depreciation Sensitive Field has Changed." The macro can not handle this question so the import will not finish.

If these assets did not exist in the system, meaning no depreciation processes have been run on them, clear data on the Asset Book Master, Asset Financial Detail Master, and the Asset Book ITC/Cost Adjustment Master. To clear data on version 6.0 go to Utilities | Finacnial | Fixed Assets | Clear Data (For versions 5.x go to Work | Fixed Asset Palette | Utilities | Clear Data). With the Clear Data screen active click on the Display drop down menu and change the check mark from Logical to Physical. You may want to make a backup before clearing data on tables.

Another situation that might cause this is three columns in the source file. If you have information in column X, Y and Z (Section 179 Expense Deduction, ITC Cost Reduction Amount or Miscellaneous Cost Adjustment) the book import will not run for these assets. Any assets that needs one of the 3 fields listed will have to be manually entered. The reason for this is because to get to the screen to enter in that data you have to save the asset to the book. These three fields change the cost basis for the book that in turn gives you the message "A Depreciation Sensitive Field has Changed."

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See KB 855314 for more information