Printing Different Comments on Payables Checks

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Can a different comment be printed on each check in the same batch?


Yes. Go into Report Writer (Tools - Customize - Report Writer).

Highlight the specific check being used in Payables from the Original Reports list and choose Insert.

Highlight that same report in the Modified Reports list and choose Open.

In the Report Definition window, choose Layout.

In the Toolbox, select the PM Payment Work file.

Drag the Comment1 field onto the F2 section of the report (F1 section for Check with Stub on Bottom-possibly both sections for Check with Stub on Top and Bottom).

Save the report and return to Dynamics.

Grant access to the modified version of the report, using the Security Setup window (Setup - System - Security) or the User Classes Setup window (Setup - System - User Classes).

Also, double check that the Security option is marked in the Company Setup window.

To enter different check comments, go into the Edit Checks window. Select the Payment Number for each check and type in the check comment in the Comment field.

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