Adding section 179 amount to a report

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Fixed Assets

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Since the section 179 amount is reducing my cost basis to $0.00, I would like to pull in the 179 amount to see what the cost basis would be. How do I do that?


If you want to see the cost basis at $0 and the Section 179 amount, then through report writer you would need to do the following:

1)tools-customize-report writer-choose Fixed Assets for the product

2)from the reports icon, insert the fa depreciation ledger, highlight it and choose open

3)from the report definition, choose the tables icon

4)from the report table relationships, either double click on the asset book master or highlight it and choose new.

5)from the related tables double click on the asset book itc/cost adjustment master and then choose the close icon.

6)from the report definition, click on the layout icon

7)from the toolbox, choose the asset book itc/cost adjustment master and highlight and drag/drop the section 179 expense deduction and itc cost reduction amount to the B(body) of the report

8)save the changes and exit out of the layout

9)from the report definition window, please make sure that skip blank records is marked in the format options

10)exit out of report writer and save the changes

11)please make sure that you have security to the new report under setup-system-security.

12)print the report and it should have the detailed information

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