KB 859135 - European EFT vs. Payables EFT

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Can you use European EFT simultaneously with Payables EFT? Is European EFT a separate module that requires registration keys? Outside of the setup required for European EFT as described in the European EFT online manual, is anything else required in order to create an export file to send to the bank?


1. European EFT may not be used simultaneously with Payables EFT.
Note:  If Payables EFT is installed, you will not be able to activate European EFT (Setup| Company| Company, Options, Enable European Electronic Funds Transfer). Also, if European EFT has been activated, you will not be able to install Payables EFT.  (Payables EFT was moved to the core GP dictionary in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.)

2. European EFT is new to version 7.0 and is part of the 7.0 code. Therefore, you do not need to purchase separate registration keys for European EFT.
(You just need to mark it in Company Options.)

3. Once European EFT has been enabled and properly setup, the user will have the ability to enter transactions utilizing European EFT; however, in order to create an export file to send to the bank, they will need to buy a product called Albany eBanking. More information regarding this product may be foundat
NOTE:  If you do not have the Albany eBanking product, you will not be able to generate an EFT file in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  
NOTE: In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and higher versions, it is recommended to use the EFT functionality for Payables Management instead of "Direct Debits and Refunds'. 

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