Calculations used for the item quantities in the Available To Promise Window in Sales Order Processing

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This article contains a description of thecalculationsused to determine the quantity foritemsin the Available To Promise Window in Sales Order Processing.


Here is a list of the itemsand the calculation used to determine the quantity for a particularitem:

OnHand- Quantity from the Item Quantity Master

Allocated - Negative Inventory Adjustments, BOM Transactions, Allocated SalesOrdersor Invoices from SOP module, Allocated Invoices from Invoicing module

Available - On Hand - Allocated

WIP - Released Assembly Transaction for the Finished Good

Returns - Saved Returns with Quantity going to On Hand from SOP

Pending Receipts - Saved Receipts without a PO number, increase inventory adjustments

Purch Orders - Released POs, Saved Receipts with a PO number

Back Ordered - Back Order documents

Unalloc Orders - Qty to back order items or Unallocated orders

Free Forward - On Hand - Allocated + WIP + Returns + Pending Receipts + Purchase Orders - Back Orders - Unallocated Orders

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