'Bad Break Field in an additional Header or Footer.' Printing Dynamics Report

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010

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Message - 'Bad Break Field in an additional Header or Footer. Recheck.' occurs when trying to print a report in Dynamics.

Potential Causes

1. The REPORTS.DIC file is damaged. If you have a damaged REPORTS.DIC file, re-create the file. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

850465 How to re-create the Reports.dic file in Microsoft Dynamics GP

2. After updating to a newer release of Dynamics you didn't update the REPORTS.DIC, or the report you are trying to print wasn't updated properly. Files and fields used by Dynamics reports may have changed in later releases of Dynamics, leaving existing reports with an additional header or footer trying to link to a file/field that is no longer linked to the report.

3. If you duplicated an existing report and then changed the Main report file in the Report Definition window but did not edit or delete the additional headers/footers of the report, the header or footer may be trying to link to a file/field that is no longer linked to the report. For further information on Reports Dictionary updating procedures, refer to your Update Instructions manual for the appropriate Dynamics/Dynamics C/S+ Release you are currently running.


This indicates that the report you are printing is either a custom or modified report contained in your REPORTS.DIC file. One of the additional headers or footers in the report has an invalid file/field specified as the "Print when field changes" selection of the header/footer.

1. Open Report Writer (choose Tools | Customize | Report Writer) and open the report's layout.

2. From the Tools menu, choose Report Section Options.
To determine which header or footer is causing the error, examine each Additional Header or Footer listed by clicking on a header or footer in the scrolling header or footer lists to highlight the header/footer and then clicking the Open button.

If the message "Additional (header/)(footer) break field table no longer on report. Please delete the additional (header)(footer)!" appears, this is the header that is causing the problem.

The message indicates that the header/footer you are trying to open will give you an error message of 'Bad Break Field in an additional Header or Footer. Recheck.'

3. Click OK in the error/warning message, follow the recommend action and delete the header/footer by clicking the Delete Button.

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