Canadian Payroll Is Not Updated When Employee Vacation Time is Being Accrued in Human Resources

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015Dynamics GP 2016

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Canadian Payroll is not updated when Employee Vacation time is being accrued in Human Resources.


When you select to accrue your Vacation time in Attendance (Human Resources), you will lose certain functionality available for Vacation Accrual and Pay in Canadian Payroll, such as:

1. Vacation time will not appear on the Employee Cheques as this information is taken from Canadian Payroll and these amounts are not populated when accruals are done in Human Resources.

2. The Vacation Pay button on the Employee Control - Setup window (Cards | Payroll - Canada | Employee) will not be updated with Vacation information from Human Resources.

3. The Vacation liability will not post to the General Ledger.

To restore any of the above functionality, you will need to alter your Accrue Type from Attendance back to Payroll.

To change your Accrue Type back to Canadian Payroll, go to the Attendance Setup window (Setup | Human Resources | Attendance | Setup) and change the Accrue Type from Attendance to Payroll.

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