Inventory Transaction Import - Line SEQ Number vs. Serial/Lot SEQ Number on IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot Table

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I am trying to import into the IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot table for my Inventory Transaction and am confused on the difference between the Line SEQ Number and the Serial/Lot SEQ Number fields. What do I populate these fields with?


When you are working with Serial Lots, each Serial Lot has it's own sequence number (Serial/Lot SEQ Number), and the item itself has it's own sequence number (Line SEQ Number). Use the following example as a guide:

Line SEQ NumberItem Number# of Serials




Here, you see that there are 3 separate items. Items 1001 and 1050 are serialized items and Item 1020 is not. This would be the information you use to import into the IV_TRX_WORK_LINE table for the Line SEQ Number field and the Item Number fields. The # of Serials column shows how many serial/lot numbers there are for that item and is just informational and not used in the actual import into the IV_TRX_WORK_LINE table. The next example shows how you would distinguish between the two line sequence number fields in the IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot table:

Line SEQ NumberItem NumberSerial/Lot SEQ Number








Notice that there is no information here for the second item (Item 1020) since it has no Serial/Lots and therefore would not be included in the IV_TRX_WORK_Serial_Lot table. The Line SEQ Number field is the same number you used in the IV_TRX_WORK_LINE table for each item. The Item field and Line SEQ Number fields would remain the same for as many Serial/Lots there are. The Serial/Lot SEQ Number would start with 1 for the first serial/lot and then increment by 1 for however many there are.

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