[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Could not find stored procedure ‘COMPANY.dbo.PP_Batch_Total’

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When I try to access a window for Revenue Expense Deferrals, I receive the following error message:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Could not find stored procedure ‘COMPANY.dbo.PP_Batch_Total’


The following is a checklist of different causes for this message:

After installing Revenue Expense Deferrals, there is a SQL script that must be run, PPTrigg16.sql.The script is installed in the local directory for Dynamics\eEnterprise when the Setup program is run for Revenue Expense Deferrals.The script needs to be run against the Company Database.

The installation also requires that the Grant70.sql script be run against both the Company Database and the Dynamics database.The script can be found on a machine where a Client and Server install was performed in a path similar to the following:

C:\Dynamics or eEntrprs\SQL\Util.

Check to see that users are members of the DYNGRP for both the Company and Dynamics database in Enterprise Manager.

The installation routine may need to be run again for Revenue Expense Deferrals.This can be done through the Shortcut Bar.To add the installation routine to the Shortcut Bar:

Click on Add

Click on Other Window

Expand on Revenue Expense Deferrals

Expand on the Company Folder

Highlight Revenue/Expense Deferrals Installation

Click on Done. To run the Routine, click on the Revenue/Expense Deferrals Installation link on the Shortcut Bar.

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