Setup Steps Required for SOP Transaction Integration Using SQL Optimized Adapter

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Setup steps required for Sales Order Processing integration when not registered for Multicurrency or Inventory.

 If you are not registered for Multicurrency or Inventory, it is still necessary to complete the following steps prior to running a SQL Optimized Sales Order Processing Integration. 

Version 6.0 

Only Select a Functional Currency for all companies that will be integrated into.
 1. To do this first grant access to the desired currency through Setup > System > Multicurrency. 

 2. Then navigate to Setup > Financial > Multicurrency and choose the currency. 

 3. Run checklinks on the Multicurrency Setup (series is Financial) and Sales Setup (series is Sales). Note: If Purchase Order integrations will also be performed, run checklinks on the Purchasing Setup (series is Purchasing). 

Version 6.0 and 7.0 

 1. A unit of measure must be available for the integration to run. This can either be assigned as the Default Selling Unit of Measure for the item under Setup > Inventory > Price List. Or in the Destination Mapping under Items, set the U of M to a constant.
 2. A price level must be created under Setup > Inventory > Price Level. 

 3. A the unit of measure and price list combination entered must exist in the Price List of the items. This can be entered under Cards > Inventory > Price List or by running the Price List Utility found at Utilities > Inventory > Price List Utilities. 

 4. The price level must also be either assigned to the Customer under Cards > Sales > Customer or be defined in the integration's destination mapping under Customer Details or Item Detail. 

 5. A site must be created and assigned in the Sales Order Processing Setup and also assigned to the items. 

 - Under Setup > Inventory > Inventory Control, enter a Segment ID for Sites.

 - Create a Site to use for the default Site ID in Sales Order Processing, navigation is Cards > Inventory > Sites. 

 - In Query Analyzer set the LOCNCODE field in the SOP40100 to the newly created site. 

 - Assign the site to each item either by going to each item individually at Cards > Inventory > Quantities/Sites, or mass assign the site at Cards > Inventory > Site > Assign. 

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