Slow performance with McAfee antivirus

Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011Dynamics CRM 4.0Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0


You might experience performance issues in Microsoft CRM if you are running McAfee Enterprise 8.x virus scanner in combination with active Script Scan.

McAfee and Microsoft are working closely together on this performance problem. If you experience this behavior, please contact McAfee to open a support case.


This problem occurs because McAfee provides the functionality of script scanning.


We suggest the following workarounds:
  • Update your virus scanner to McAfee Enterprise version 8.7, and install the latest patches. If you cannot do this, upgrade to McAfee Enterprise version 8.5, including the latest patches.
  • If the first workaround is not viable for you, you can turn off the ScriptScan functionality in McAfee Enterprise version 8.x.


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